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Akarius LLC is a limited liability company organized and located in the State of Arizona. We have been doing business since 2016.


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Our primary business lies in electronic publishing. We produce and publish e-books and maintain a number of popular websites.



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Stamp Collecting


We also – perhaps surprisingly – own and manage American Stamp Treasures, a company serving philatelists by selling quality collectible postage stamps. 

We’re proud to be recognized dealer-members of the American Philatelic Society, and conduct business in conformance with that organization’s Philatelic Code of Ethics and Internet Code of Ethics. 




Mail (and hence, stamps) have played a big part in the history of the modern world. Never was this more true than during World War II, when American GI’s and soldiers of all countries waited for letters from home and from loved ones. Sometimes, and perhaps most of the time, the letters simply talked about home, and about the difficulties of being apart during wartime. But mail also conveyed big news, both welcomed and unwelcomed, and was a communications lifeline for those serving, many of whom were quite young and not used to being away from home.





Why do we sell postage stamps?

While history textbooks can be – and are – rewritten all the time, postage stamps provide a real glimpse into the times during which they were issued, reflecting which persons or topics were deemed important enough to be the subjects of postage stamps. Stamp designs are also reflective of the era in which the stamps were produced. (Plus, our owner is a long-time stamp collector.)

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