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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to visit the Akarius LLC website. We are a small firm located in southern Arizona. Although the incorporation of our company took place in 2016, our Founder and Managing Member began helping stamp collectors build fine collections over forty years ago – long before the advent of the internet. While our business is now conducted online, we retain our commitment to the old-fashioned virtues that have served us and those who do business with us well over the decades: integrity, fairness, and excellent customer service.

More than on any one particular area of philately, our focus has always been – and remains – on you, our customer. We want your shopping experience with us to be a pleasant and enjoyable one every time you visit us. And yes, we want you to be a regular customer of ours and want you to think of us first when considering an addition to your collection or when choosing an interesting and unusual gift for someone.


Great Britain Postage Stamps


The Purpose of this Website

Knowledge is Power

Having been involved in stamp collecting for so long, we also want to be a resource for those with an interest in postage stamps, whether they are new to collecting, serious philatelists, or persons who just like stamps. Whatever one’s level of expertise, it’s good to know (or to be reminded about) subjects such as the proper handling and storage of postage stamps, the use of albums and stockbooks, watermarks, and so on.

As time permits, we’ll address these topics and others in a manner that we hope will be clear, precise, and not overly dry.

Josh Billings

“Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.”

— Josh Billings

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