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“Philately embraces the whole earth and likewise the whole earth is sometimes embraced within the limits of a postage stamp.”
       — John N. Luff


This website is devoted to the subject of stamp collecting, sometimes referred to as philately. Its aim is to interest people in the hobby and to provide helpful information to stamp collectors and would-be collectors at whatever their level of expertise. The goal is partly self-serving – selling stamps is our business – but is also borne out of a love of stamps. We want others to enjoy collecting these miniature pieces of history, and we want to make it clear as to how one might go about acquiring, identifying, valuing, and properly storing stamps.

France Postage Stamp



As we get started on this endeavor, a few words of caution seem to be in order. First and foremost, we do not believe that there is just one correct method of collecting stamps. There are, unquestionably, many wrong ways of doing so – no one would advocate storing your stamps in a musty basement or a damp garage – but no one can, or should try to, tell you what you should collect. We might from time to time offer suggestions on how to proceed, but they are only that; suggestions. Your stamp collection is your collection, and whether you enjoy collecting classic postage stamps of the 1930s and 1940s or modern topical issues or anything else, we think that’s wonderful.

Second, while we may know a good deal about stamps and stamp collecting, we don’t know everything. (And even if we did know everything, we’d never have time to write it all down in one website.) Our hope is that you will use this website as a resource, and that you will also be encouraged to seek out other resources, both online and in print. 


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